More Londoners are moving to Essex

With a commute time of around 50 minutes from Leigh-on-Sea to Fenchurch Street – and just under an hour from Thorpe Bay – our county is becoming an increasingly desirable location for homeowners who work in and around London.


Aside from the train connections, Essex has a whole lot to offer commuters too. It’s the perfect playground for leisurely weekends away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. From glorious beaches to trendy high streets, and plenty of countryside, there’s something to suit everyone, no matter what your interests and hobbies.

Leigh and Southend are a major part of the art scene revival we’re currently seeing. As The Guardian recently reported, Leigh has become the hub of live music, with the Leigh Folk Festival taking place in the summer in Old Leigh, and the Estuary Festival and Village Green held in nearby Chalkwell Park.

While Southend was renowned as the holiday destination of choice for those in the capital, more young Londoners are permanently moving into the town and surrounding areas. The beautiful range of Edwardian properties in Thorpe Bay are well sought-after.

For the best range of contemporary and classic properties in Leigh or surrounding areas, take a look on our website or contact one our team.


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