Roslin Beach Hotel in Thorpe Bay has been listed in the top 20 beach hotels in the UK by the Times newspaper.

Situated on Thorpe Esplanade, Thorpe Bay, the Roslin Beach has been voted number 15 on the list, and is the only hotel in Essex to get a mention!

The Times said: “Step out of the newly-refurbished Roslin and just across the road lies the broad sandy sweep of Thorpe Bay, perfect for blustery walks and bucket-and-spade afternoons.

“The 62 rooms are chic and crisp in blues and whites, while the glass fronted restaurant has panoramic views of the sea”.

“Spa treatments are on offer at the Roslin retreat, although a sunset cocktail on the terrace may be just as restorative.”


Ann Holland, councillor for culture, tourism and the economy, said: “It is absolutely fantastic, the hotel is lovely and the food and ambience are great. They work really hard and just keep progressing, they are going from strength to strength.

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