Leigh-on-Sea, the new land of smiles?

In a poll recently carried out by Rightmove, our lovely little Leigh-on-Sea was voted the number 1 happiest place to live in the UK. (You can check out the story here).


In reflection of this, we have been thinking about what makes Leigh so special and how this impacts the housing market. The article named sports and recreational activities along with our arts and culture as main reasons we bagged the top spot, however Leigh has so much more to offer than just this. Whilst the annual art trail, numerous sporting clubs and leisure activities are a huge bonus, surely the best bit about living here is the estuary! Having an ice cold drink in old Leigh, grabbing some fresh seafood and enjoying a summers evening overlooking the river and fishing boats just can’t be beaten (check out this aerial video which really shows off those amazing views!!) and has a big factor in contributing to the general happiness and contentment of ‘Leighites’.

So more importantly, how does this affect the housing market? Well as the saying goes, all press is good press and exposure on such a large scale promotes awareness of our small seaside town with the article available in all 4 corners of the world. Closer to Home we have seen a noticeable surge in viewings and enquiries on properties in the past week or so, now whether this is driven by the article or other factors we don’t know, but numbers of calls are definitely on the rise. We were lucky enough to have 2 of our fabulous properties featured in the article, one in Salisbury Road and the other in Harley Street- of course we have many others available as well which you can see on our website.  

With large numbers of people moving into the area from outer London and the surrounding postcodes, demand has never been higher for property here and the drive in interest from articles such as this only adds to the already popular little town we call home.

Screen shot 2011-04-12 at 2.13.25 PM

With its array of boutiques, cafes and restaurants, its historic old town and fabulous estuary views – Leigh really is a wonderful place to live and property prices will always reflect this. So if you are thinking of selling now truly is the perfect time to get the wheels in motion, give us a call and book in a free, no-obligation valuation with our friendly team in the office.




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