10 Tips to Sell Your Home

Something we get asked quite a lot when people come to selling their home is if we have any tips to help secure a quick sale. Our clients are a lovely bunch who, in most cases keep their homes in good order however there are some top tips we can suggest just to make sure potential buyers see your property in the best possible condition.


1)      Always try to de-clutter as much as you can giving your house a homely new-fresh feel

Whenever you have a viewing it is important to consider how the property appears to potential buyers who haven’t seen the property before. Whilst knick knacks and pictures are special to our vendors they can make a room feel smaller and more crowded and so we would always recommend clearing a room as much as possible whilst the property is on the market. Of course when the property is sold you will need to clear the entire house so this can save you time further down the line.

Top Tip: Adding a mirror to the room can increase light and space in the room!


2)      Make sure the property has ‘kerb appeal’  

A lot of our viewers like to do a ‘drive-by’ before booking an appointment to view a property and so the importance of a well presented external area cannot be understated. A simple de-weed and tidy up doesn’t take too long and can make all the difference with potential buyers- we are always on hand to recommend gardeners too!

Top Tip: Having a working doorbell/door knocker is always advisable for viewings and adding in some nice flowers or hanging baskets can also aid in freshening up the property frontage.


3)      Try and create a soothing and calm atmosphere for viewers

On getting feedback from viewings something we hear is that the property had a really nice feeling to it and this can be crucial in securing a sale. This can be easy to achieve by small touches such as lighting scented candles or placing fresh flowers around the property before viewings. If you have children, pets and any other factors that can cause busyness try and minimise disruption such as asking a friend/family member to take children or pets out when a viewing is scheduled and always remember we are on hand to carry out viewings if this makes it easier for our vendors.

Top Tip: Choose flowers with colours that go well with the decoration or nudes and have a fresh odour to avoid being too overpowering.


4)      Turn off all radios or televisions to minimise distractions for potential buyers

This idea goes hand in hand with the above point as in order to show off the property in its best light we would advise turning off all sources of sound as they can act as distractions to viewers. Some of our vendors decide to have light relaxing music on in the background which can aid creating a soothing atmosphere- just make sure you have a good playlist and a heavy mental/ rock song isn’t lined up to play next!

Top Tip: Framing property features will help potential buyers see the best in the property and having a television on can take away from this- try and show off property features as best as possible such as lighting an open fire or opening curtains/shutters to show off a view (if you are lucky enough to have one!).


5)      Arrange viewings avoiding busy periods (such as school pickups) if parking can difficult

Living in Leigh and Westcliff comes with lots of benefits; however parking is not one of them! It is advisable therefore to arrange viewing times with busy periods in mind on the road you live. For example if there is a school down your road avoid pick up and drop off points, or if there is a church nearby avoid service times. Simple things such as finding a parking space can make all the difference when viewers attend and create a good first impression.

Top Tip: If you are lucky enough to have a driveway keeping it clear on viewings is also a nice touch so potential buyers can park on the drive and really appreciate the benefits of the property!


6)      Open windows and doors throughout the property to get a good fresh air flow

With the unpredictability of the British weather this can be tricky to achieve (!), however weather permitting try and open windows and doors to allow a good air flow throughout the property airing out rooms. This is also a great idea if you have pets and / or are smokers as it allows any lingering odours to be removed from the property. Opening back doors and balconies will also encourage viewers to really explore the property and help them to visualise themselves living there.

Top Tip: In theory this is a great idea however if rain is forecast (as it often is at the moment) maybe hold off opening all the windows…


7)      Before putting the property on the market go round and make a ‘snag list’

Please do not think that this means we are asking our vendors to completely re-decorate, modernise and do up the property! What we mean by this is if there is a small patch of paint that needs touching up, a few screws that need tightening or a toilet seat needing replacement it can be worthwhile doing this before viewings as these small things can help viewers visualise themselves in the property and present the property in the best light possible.

Top Tip: A good clean can work wonders when selling your home and is cheaper than re-painting walls, replacing shower units etc!


8)      Ask us to erect a for sale board

Lots of people think sale boards are purely for the agent’s benefit however we get hundreds of calls  (mainly from people who live out of the area) who haven’t seen the property online but have seen a board outside a property they like the look of. It also means that the first few hurdles of property selling are overcome, they have seen the outside kerb appeal and like the look of the property so can speed the process up considerably. The boards we provide are free and, we like to think, look quite smart so get one up!

Top Tip: If there is a particular place you would like the board just tell us and we will ask our lovely board man to put up as per your instruction (he is also able to put them up on balconies too).


9)      Try and tidy up rear gardens and/or communal areas

We have seen some beautiful gardens in our time and some less so… Viewers do not expect the Chelsea Flower show however a good lawn trim and a clean and tidy garden can make all the difference to viewings. Hopefully the sun will come out and provide a lovely blue sky to compliment all your hard work.

Top Tip: If you have garden furniture putting cushions out on it and parasols up can create a wonderful scene desirable to viewers (weather permitting you could also have a glass of wine or a cold lemonade whilst we do the viewing for you!).


10)   Sell with us at Home!

Obviously we may be a little biased with this one but according to Rightmove from June 2015 – June 2016 Home secured 213 property sales with our nearest competitor selling 113 properties. We love what we do and truly believe our passion, strong market knowledge and dedicated team can help when it comes to selling your home.


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